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Rock Promoters At Backstage In Kinross We Have An Ongoing Programme

Backstage Events Programme

Backstage is a live music venue that holds just 120 people. Numerous Rock & Roll greats have played there over the years. EMS are just one of a few promoters who arrange the overall music programme. By clicking below you will see all the shows arranged for Backstage Kinross and each separate GIG will state which promotion company is responsible.

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Mundell Music 

Mundell Music arrange a vast number of shows each year. The work load became a fair amount for them to handle so you can guess what happened next! Yes, we offered to help them out with reducing their workload. By clicking below you will be directed to the Mundell Music Website where you can learn more about them and their incredible reputation which is second to none

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Events / Live Music

Backstage at the Green Hotel Kinross

Events Promoted By EMS / Emarketing Scotland